About ISCA

ISCA began in 1999, and was established as a private company in 2004 by Ran Cohen in order to focus on prevention in the face of modern security threats.
Mr. Cohen understood that preventing attacks is the way to keep people safe, not reacting to them. Awareness is the core of prevention, and for this reason it is of the utmost importance.

ISCA fosters Search Detect React® — what began as Mr. Cohen's method of early detection based on heightened awareness and behavior profiling, and has since been developed into operation protocols and procedures used by many governmental and private entities. SDR specializes in proactively identifying illicit intentions before they come to fruition by using heightened awareness, the human factor, and local social and cultural norms. As such, ISCA has experience handling myriad threats and being prepared for new, unknown ones. ISCA designs unique training programs based on heightened awareness and early detection methods for security, counter-terrorism, and public safety efforts.

We provide specialized training for security professionals including simulated incidents to keep security personnel consistently prepared, and urban terrain analysis. We are experts in applying the Human Factor and behavior profiling to identify illicit activities, potential dangers and situational abnormalities, expressly straying from ethnic profiling procedures. Each program is tailor-made, depending on specific needs, local cultural norms in the community and legal guidelines.

ISCA integrates tailor-made abnormal behavior detection, heightened awareness, and preparedness SDR programs into existing security protocols of large entities in order to maximize capabilities and make security circles less readable by adversaries. Such projects include collaboration with the Dutch Royal Military Police in the Netherlands' Schiphol Airport, Dutch Railways (NS), and Amsterdam Police, among others. ISCA's implementation of SDR in Schiphol Airport won the Security & Safety Amsterdam Project of the Year Award.

SDR was also acknowledged in the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights report, Towards More Effective Policing, Understanding and Preventing Discriminatory Ethnic Profiling: A Guide. ISCA has presented ideas and exchanged information regarding efforts against ethnic profiling in public safety with Amnesty International Open Justice Initiative, UNICRI Private Public Partnership and several universities.